Nonprofit Accounting Services

Cloudiverse CPAs Inc has specialised in nonprofit..

Part-Time CFO Services

Whether you are a public; private company or not for profit organization, you can benefit...


Keeping accurate books and records is also one of the most dreaded and tedious tasks...

Advisory Services

We are CPAs who have worked with some of Canada’s top emerging start-ups...

Financial Planning

We understand the financial challenges that make it harder to achieve your goals...

Financial Statements

We will also help you with a set of statements that best suits your financial goals...

Income Tax Preparation

We understand that in today’s global economy, effective tax planning & advice can give...


Core Competencies

We are small business experts who know how to maximize the value of an entrepreneurial company so that the owner can become richer.


Our team of CPAs will ensure that you’ll have meaningful, accurate and timely financial reports. We also strive to improve your accounting processes to make your business CRA audit proof.


Our CPAs will assist you in cutting through the complexity of the financial statements and provide clarity which will help you in decision making. We are committed to provide entrepreneurs like you with exceptional and friendly service.

Business Intelligence

We can provide you valuable insights into the financial health of your business. Our team of qualified CPAs will act as Controller/CFO to provide you with strategic financial direction.

Global Communication

We are proficient in various languages and hence can navigate your request across the country effortlessly and also delve into international waters with extreme ease. With our multilingual skills at your disposal, you can be assured of quality work every time.

How it works

We’ll get into a big picture of your accounting processes and address the tax compliance needs.
We encourage you to ask us any tax related queries in your mind. Thereafter, we will go into the detailed accounting processes such as invoicing ; receivables and banking and send you a proposal outlining the fixed monthly price packages for you to choose from .
Once you’ve found a package that works for you, we’ll set up the cloud accounting systems, wrap up the admin, and introduce you to your team of CPAs.
We will work in sync to develop a workflow that fits the needs of your business. You’ll have access to our accounting team using your preferred contact methods (Skype, Google Hangouts, email) etc.

Here’s a selection of clients we are currently working with.

Our team of Accountants is ready to unleash the powerful potential of Intelligent Financial Reporting and Effective Tax Strategies for your business .

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