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In this book, Amandeep Singh(CPA, CGA, MBA, MCOM) answers some of the most important tax and cash flow questions from small business owners that can save thousands of dollars of Canadians of all economic status on their tax bill.

Every year, you give a portion of your hard earned income to the government. While this money funds essentials like infrastructure, you certainly don’t want to overpay taxes. To accumulate wealth and protect your income -you need to recharge with some essential tax facts!

This e-book helps in simplifying the tax code to help you as a small business owner in building a successful game plan to ensure that you receive as much money back as possible on your tax return in order to wind up with a bigger slice of your own pie.

Leave no space for Errors: Tax efficiency is your #1 weapon in taking control of your time and money. Stop overpaying your taxes and start saving money!


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