Part-Time CFO


Whether you are a public; private company or not for profit organization, you can benefit immensely from having a part-time CFO to assist with financial reporting and tax planning. 

At Cloudiverse Chartered Professional Accountants, we are highly skilled at providing regular quarterly accounting, financial reporting, management reporting, and specialized advisory services to your organization. We can fill the important role of Chief Financial Officer on a continuing or one-time basis, this includes:


  • Provides leadership in the development and achievement of short and long-term financial objectives.
  • Directs and oversees all finance and accounting functions of the organization including financial forecasting and budget preparation, financial reporting and cash management.
  • Ensures the credibility of Finance Team by providing timely and accurate budgets, financial reports and cash forecasts.
  • Establishes and maintains strong relationships with other senior executives to identify their needs and offer a full range of business solutions.
  • Provides other executives with advice on the financial implications of business activities.
  • Proactively provides recommendations strategically to enhance financial and operating performance.
  • Ensures that effective internal controls are in place and ensures compliance with GAAP and applicable federal, state and local regulatory laws and rules for financial and tax reporting.

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