Advisory Services



We are CPAs who have worked with some of Canada’s top emerging start-ups as well as a number of premier established Canadian companies, in diverse industries. We recognize the grandeur of the vision, drive and potential payoff. Hence we make sure that your long-term financial goals align with your business.
  • Budget Management
  • Business Plan and Budget Development
  • Cash Flow Estimates and Forecasting
  • Comprehensive tax planning
  • Corporate tax preparation
  • Development of Management Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Succession Planning / Reorganization
  • Review of specific accounts

Business Process Re-engineering

We offer services in the areas of Business process re-engineering

We redefine processes to achieve high performance and results. Throughout the transformation process, our endeavor is growth and development in all divisions of an organization.

During the process of transformation, we analyze the current prevalent scenario along with the business processes and resources of the company. During the transformational process, we study the existing scenario, business and resources of the company develop modules. The progress status of such modules would then be discussed on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. We strategize to benefit the organization in all functional areas of production, technology, Finance and administration, HR, marketing setups.

  • Finance,Legal & Administration
  • Costing and Pricing strategy
  • Marketing set up and strategy
  • Product Quality
  • Human Resources

We undertake business consulting and business advisory for the transformation of an organization in all above areas on turnkey bases. While we do take up the transformation of designated areas, we advise our clients to go for complete transformation as the productivity of one department is linked with that of the others.

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